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He is, I wish he lived here, but he is back in Ireland working and stuff. He’s too responsible… But I am sure younger brothers are great, and you surely love kids, I can tell. *Frowns* Why not?. *Smiles and looks down, biting her lower lip* Woah, really? A guy who likes cockiness in girls, that’s new. I suppose I am not the only uncommon one. I have to check my agenda, but I’m sure I can make time for you *laughs*.


Oh cool- does all your family live back in Ireland? Ha, well there are a lot of little kids in my family. My youngest cousin is 4 months old. She lives in Italy though so I haven’t met her yet, but I do love kids- I didn’t ever think I’d ever have one of my own. {laughs} She lives in LA with her mother- and…yeah- it’s a long story {trails off and shrugs} Well cockiness is just an intense way of being confident and I honestly prefer confident girls. Ha, you better make fucking time for me other wise no more getting you food when you call for it.


Blue? Why didn’t you take it off?

Because I liked staring at it…..that’s why.


I say, you take what happened in high school as a big compliment; you may not be their all time favourite but you’re definitely their favourite to pick on. {shrugs} I’m sure after a while of being in frequent detention sessions you end up gaining a few friends here and there, so it’s not at all bad; hopefully, that happens with me if i get into trouble. {bite her lower lip, huffing} I’m not telling you; you’re going to laugh at me and i’ve already been laughed at, thank you very much. {nods her head} Yeah— my sister, Ariella, i’m not too sure if you’ve met her back in Reckless, but she told me it’s best if i move to New York after i left the show. I’m in the twelfth grade.


I was like the opposite of the teacher’s pet. Though detention was always with my mates. I mean, if one of us was playing up- we were all playing up and therefore all got detention at once. Don’t fret- you’ll make friends in detention if you get enough of them…might not be the best way to meet someone, but oh well- at least you’re making friends {laughs lightly} Aw, come on- it can’t be that bad…I won’t laugh. Ariella? I remember her- we spoke one or twice in Reckless, but how are you liking New York anyway?


I rang my dad… I had a memory and I remembered him and wanted to t-talk to him. I let him know about the crash and he said “it’s your fault for taking the fall.” And I told him that I didn’t want to do medicine like I apparently was studying before and he said “you’re no daughter of mine.”


Your dad said that to you? What a prick. Oh my god…I-..I don’t know what to say, Cleo…seriously. I mean, it’s great you remembered your dad, but to have him throw that in your face- what the fuck..


What do you mean, Cleo?


That would actually be very unfortunate; nothing’s more horrible than getting punished for either telling the truth or for something you didn’t do— but i guess it really depends on luck. {nods her head slowly} Yeah— i uh— may or may not have topped that excuse with others that aren’t very realistic? It’s not exactly a good impression to make during the first week of a new high school. {chuckles} I should have just shut my mouth instead of rambling on and on about it— maybe then i’d just have a 10 minute lecture to go through.


Exactly. I don’t think I had very much luck while I was in high school. Detention turned into a hobby for me at one point- it’s like the teachers tried to call me out on every little thing I did {laughs and raises a brow} Oh really? What were some of these unrealistic excuses? {smiles} New school hmm? What grade are you in? {chuckles} Yeah, you really should have.


Who says you’re not allowed to use that too? You might be a trendsetter for the guys; as I recall, you still have quite a few fans. Guys always have this masculine perfume that I like, and it’s unfair too. Sometimes when I find a guy who smells really good, I just try my best to stick around them for a while, because the smell is really good.


I actually bought a bottle of it- no joke..and as embarrassing as this sounds I sprayed it on my pillow so I can fall asleep breathing in that scent {laughs} I sound a little weird saying that, but it’s true. I mean, guy’s have pretty good smelling stuff, but they make girl’s perfume smell so edible and addicting. I’m a sucker for Love Spell.  No harm in sticking around nice smelling people….just don’t get caught sniffing them alright?


Your liver’s in the right upper quadrant of your abdomen. [laughs] I think we should order three, because if you so much as look at my pizza I will bite your hand off. [smirks] It is pretty great. Pizza has my heart. 


Seriously? I thought it was like…down near the intestines {laughs} Clearly I’ll never be a surgeon anytime soon {shrugs and smiles} I will have a stare off with your pizza and when you bite my hands off I’ll just stuff my face in your pizza and eat all of it. Pizza steals everyone’s hearts.